01 Feb

Before the pandemic, singing in a choir was one of the most popular and much loved hobbies in the UK. Millions of people sang in a choir every week and there were over 25,000 choirs across the UK. TV programmes such as Gareth Malone’s ‘The Choir’ were very influential in the growth of singing in a choir. According to the Voices Now Big Choral Census, over 2 million people sang in a choir every week. So what was all the fuss about?

Singing creates meaningful connections

Singing in a choir has multiple benefits on a social, emotional and physical level. It’s a great way to meet new people and create meaningful connections with others with a shared passion. Singing in a choir is about being part of something that is bigger than ourselves and gives choir members a sense of togetherness and belonging. It’s not about being the best singer or showing off individual talent, it’s about working together and enjoying the camaraderie of singing alongside others. Singing in harmony takes practice and effort and the 'wall of sound' that many voices can create can be truly powerful. Every choir is like a mini community and allows us to feel part of something unique. Being part of a community choir often leads to lasting new friendships and the chance to broaden your social universe.

Singing releases happy hormones

For many of The Happy Place Choir members, choir rehearsals were a highlight of their week (not to mention the trip to the pub after!) Being part of a choir also gives you the ‘feel good factor’. Singing releases happy endorphins that give you the same rush as eating chocolate and has been proven to reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression. Singing helps you to let go of your worries and allows you to sing your heart out and best of all - have fun!

Singing keeps your mind and body in shape

There has been a plethora of scientific research into the physical benefits of singing. According to Neuroscientists, musical memories use a broader range of neural pathways than other types of memories. In other words, singing helps to improve your memory. Singing is an aerobic activity because it exercises the major muscle groups in the upper body and helps to circulate oxygenated blood around the body. Other physical benefits include increased immunity, lower blood pressure, stronger respiratory muscles, better sleep and improved memory.

How I fell in love with singing in a choir

I first joined an international women's choir in London in my mid 20's and from then on have been passionate about the huge benefits of singing in a choir. Although I always loved singing from a young age, I was a very shy singer and petrified of singing on my own. Even today, the very idea of a solo leaves me trembling with fear. Singing alongside others in a choir offers the perfect balance. Before setting up The Happy Place Choir, I sang in a gospel choir in Brighton and a contemporary choir in Eastbourne. 

Meeting Angela, our exceptional choir leader, was a life changing moment. Together we have built an extraordinary choir community and I am immensely proud of what we have achieved over the past 5 years. Before the pandemic struck, the choir had grown to over 60 members! 

If you are tinkering with the idea of joining a fun, friendly and welcoming community choir in Eastbourne, then please get in touch. Even though we can't sing face-to-face until government restrictions are lifted, you can still add your name to the register. New members from all walks of life are welcome.